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Propane Delivery

Installation Services

Whether you are looking to install a propane tank for the first time or if you are thinking about switching from your current propane supplier, we would like to schedule an on-site visit with you to review your current propane system or to discuss your propane system needs. We will visit with you, discuss our propane services, answer any questions that you have, and provide you with a quote to complete any work that you need done.


Most importantly, your orders are all placed with a local office with local people.

Propane tank


Complimentary Leak Check/System Inspections

At McMahon Oil we are very proud of our commitment to safety. We want all of our customer’s propane systems to be as safe as possible for their families. Propane systems that are properly tested and operating properly offer a very safe energy source for your home. We want to provide a complimentary leak check and safety inspection of your propane system to protect the safety of you and your family at the following times:

  1. Any time we service your propane system for the first time

  2. Any time your propane system is modified or a gas appliance is added or removed from your system

  3. Any time your system is ran out of propane (*additional fees may apply)

  4. At regular intervals of approximately every 5-7 years

  5. Any time you have a concern with your propane system or want peace of mind


Contact us today to schedule your complimentary leak check and safety inspection.


Delivery Options

Summer Fill:  Because propane is usually at its lowest price point during the summer months, due to low demand, we encourage our customers to take advantage of this time to fill their tanks. Our Summer Fill program is designed to top off each customers’ tank (to 80%) before the winter home heating season arrives.  Please contact our office between June and August to schedule your Summer Fill.


Scheduled Fill Delivery:  We recommend signing up for our Scheduled Fill Delivery program for your convenience and safety. During the winter months, we deliver to each customer enrolled in the program on a scheduled delivery. Please contact our office to enroll in this program.


Will-Call:  If you are not part of our Scheduled Fill Delivery program, it is your responsibility to monitor the level of propane in your tank and to order more propane when necessary.  McMahon Oil recommends that customers call to schedule a delivery when their tank gauge reads between 10% and 20%.


Contracting:  McMahon Oil offers yearly contracts for propane during the winter home heating season. Prior to the winter home heating season, a letter is sent out to each customer with the current propane price and the contract details. If contracted, the price can be locked in for the winter home heating season with a prepay amount of $0.20 per gallon. Also, a pre-buy option (pay in full at the time of the contract) is available at a discounted price.


Budget Plans:  A budget plan allows for predictable monthly payments to be applied to the customer’s yearly propane usage. If enrolled, payments are divided into 10 equal monthly payments (August-May). Please contact our office for more details or if you would like to participate in our yearly budget plan.


Our Policies

Annual Tank Rent:  McMahon Oil has propane tanks available to rent. If you rent a tank from us, we own and are responsible for the maintenance of the tank and the 1st Stage Regulator (at the tank). The customer owns and is responsible for the maintenance of the 2nd Stage Regulator (at the house) and all of the indoor and outdoor service piping. We charge an annual tank rent based on the size of the container. Because it is a company owned tank, only McMahon Oil can supply gas to the tank. McMahon Oil does have new and used tanks for purchase, if desired.

Past Due Balance:  A cash discount is provided on each invoice for payment made within 10 days of the delivery. Charges over 30 days past due are subject to a 1.5% monthly finance charge (annual percentage rate of 18%). No future deliveries will be made if your account has an open balance. For our customers’ convenience, we do accept Visa and MasterCard, however a three percent delivery charge will be added for payments made by credit card.


Out of Gas Service Call:  Customers not on a scheduled fill that run out of propane will be charged a $40.00 fee to leak/pressure test their system and put it back into service. Homeowners must be home at the time of delivery to allow our personnel to test and relight appliances when an outage occurs. McMahon Oil recommends that customers call to schedule a delivery when their tank gauge reads between 10% and 20%.

Line of propane tanks

After Hours Service Call:  Deliveries that are requested after 4:00pm Monday - Fridays and after 11:00am on Saturdays will be charged a $100.00 fee.


Minimum Delivery Size:  Will-call deliveries of 150 gallons or less will be charged an additional $0.15 per gallon over the current delivery price.

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