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Fuel Oil

Do you heat your home with fuel oil? McMahon Oil offers full service home delivery of fuel oil. We offer both #1 and #2 home heating fuel. Whether you have an outside fuel oil tank or it is located inside of your basement, we are equipped to take care of all of your home heating needs.


If you are new to heating your home with fuel oil, please consider the some of the following information:


  • Most oval shaped fuel tanks have a full capacity of approximately 265 gallons

  • Tanks located underground or inside of your house generally use #2 fuel oil

  • Tanks located outdoors generally use #1 fuel oil or a blend of #1 and #2 fuel oil – feel free to ask us for a recommendation if you are unsure

  • In general, #1 fuel oil has a slightly higher price per gallon than #2 fuel oil

  • Tanks located in your basement that have an outdoor fill pipe must have a steel piped filling system and a vent to be filled

  • You must learn to read the gauge on any interior tanks that have outside fill pipes; when we fill the tank from the outside, we have no way of knowing when the tank is full. When you place your order, you must tell us how many gallons are needed.

Delivering fuel oil to house

​Budget Plans:  

A budget plan allows for predictable monthly payments to be applied to the customer’s yearly propane usage. If enrolled, payments are divided into 10 equal monthly payments (August-May). Please contact our office for more details or if you would like to participate in our yearly budget plan.

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