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McMahon Oil has the fuel products that your business needs at competitive prices and we offer flexible delivery options to best suit your needs. Below are the fuel products that we offer.


  • #1 and #2 Off-Road Diesel (Dyed)

  • #1 and #2 On-Road Diesel (Clear)

  • #1 and #2 Fuel Oil (Dyed)

  • Gasoline (optional Farm Use State Tax Exempt available)

  • Premium Gasoline


All of our diesel fuels are ULSD diesel treated with premium Schaeffer’s Fuel Additives to provide you with the performance and reliability that you need in your fuel.  Our premium fuel additives increase cetane numbers, improve fuel economy, and provide improved cleaning and lubricating properties.  For specific benefits and additional information on Schaeffer's Fuel Additives, please check out the product links below.


             #137ULSW Diesel Treat 2000™ Winter Fuel Additive

             #141 BioTreat™ Premium Diesel


We are proud to supply diesel fuel in accordance with the State of Minnesota bio-diesel requirements. When possible, we purchase soy oil from certified soybean processing plants to ensure that we are providing the best-available product while at the same time supporting our local farmers. Contact us today if you would like additional information on blending biodiesel mixtures stronger that the State requirements.


McMahon Oil has the tools to supply your fuel reliably and consistently because we know that your business depends on it. We offer deliveries from 150 gallons up to transport loads (7500 gallons). To meet our agricultural customers’ needs we offer both will-call and scheduled delivery options. Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your fuel needs. Most importantly when you need to order fuel, or have a question, you talk to local people in a local office.


In addition to our standard diesel treatment with Schaeffer’s Fuel Additives, we can both supplement your diesel to improve fuel economy, performance, and storability or address diesel fuel issues you may be having with other fuel additives. Give us a call to discuss the specific fuel properties that you are looking to enhance.

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